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Osigu is a technology platform that connects all the parties in the healthcare ecosystem, enabling automatization of processes, data analytics, and improved fraud prevention.

We're a great fit for both private and public entities, helping them deliver an amazing experience to their end customers.

We digitize processes so the healthcare experience can be streamlined

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EHR & Electronic Prescriptions

Osigu's EHR tool keeps a standardized medical record of patients treated by doctors, all in one place, easily accesible from anywhere.

Osigu's E-Prescriptions are integrated to our EHR tool, and can also be used by third-party systems. All data is standardized, and can be easily sent to patients and other health providers.

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Authorization Engine

Osigu’s authorization engine automates validations among sponsors, health providers and patients within seconds, leveraging our digital database of our patients’ health coverages, standard rules, and medical protocols.


Claims Processing

Osigu helps our partners, both sponsors and health providers, to automate claims processing in real-time, enabling a much better user-experience with increased transparency.

Osigu also manages payables and receivables consolidation between health providers and sponsors, providing our partners with better accounting control and faster payouts.


Data Dashboards

Osigu’s dashboards are designed to help our partners make better business decisions based on real-time data that’s presented in a user friendly manner through our smart graphics and reports.


White-Label Mobile Apps

Osigu offers white-label mobile apps for our partners, as a way to help them deliver a better user experience to their end customers. These apps can easily be branded on the front-end, and are connected to Osigu's ecosystem behind the scenes.

Healthcare processes are no longer a nightmare


Real-Time Data

Our real-time data collection helps our partners make strategic, accurate business decisions.



Our tools safeguard our partner's assets and information, preventing fraud in an industry that handles a lot of sensitive data.


Better User Experience

Our products are designed to optimize the user experience of our partner's customers.


Cost Reduction & Automatization of Processes

By automating and digitizing manual processes, we drastically reduce operational costs for our partners.

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